Short Films

Good Beer

Adapted from the short play by Samuel D. Hunter, ‘Good Beer’ is a short film about a blind date that transcends disability and is a universally relatable love story for the 21st Century. It was an official selection to the New York ReelAbilities Film Festival in 2016

Lefty & Loosey

In this techy ode to film noir, two amputee veterans turned private investigators uncover a diabolical plot and must overcome their fears to crack the code and save the world. Winner of “Best Film” in the 2016 Easterseals Disability Film Festival, “Best International Actor” Focus on Ability Film Festival, “Best of Short Competition” Cinema Touch Ability Film Festival, Official Selection New York ReelAbilities Film Festival, Official Selection Superfest International Disability Film Festival

The Siblings Liebencrantz

If you turned left at the Minimalist Café in Brooklyn, you’d find three millennial siblings, and one who no one could bare to tell wasn’t a millennial, all searching for something. Winner of “Best Filmmaker” in the 2017 Easterseals Disability Film Festival and Official Selection to the 2017 Focus on Ability Film Festival

Laundry Day and the Bionic Blonde

A dynamic Super Hero meets her match when she tries to help her husband on Laundry Day before their anniversary celebration. Made for the 2022 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge

Sunday Night, 9PM

Three friends get ready for a GOT party but get lost in the details. This was made pre-COVID but the actors each shot the scenes at their own homes without each other in the room. Totally a COVID movie before COVID was in the world. Made for the 2019 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge.

The Kerfuffle

A woman mixed in a love triangle with two great guys; unable to choose just one, she finds herself in…a Kerfuffle. Made for the 2015 Disability Film Challenge